Always Closer

Is it really necessary to finish every headline with “…Brings Shutdown Closer”?  Is something a child can figure out really news?  Is there anyone literate that has not grasped the progression of time?  Most of us are aware of where Tuesday falls within the weekly timeline if not this particular October 1st at 12:00AM, though by now, we can probably ballpark it.

When the House sends something to the senate, we are closer to a shutdown.  When the Senate sends it back, we are closer to a shutdown.  And, when the president vetoes something passed by both, we are closer to a shutdown. 

If the current potential shutdown is prevented via a “bipartisan compromise” led by our non-negotiating president (with House Republicans, anyway), since our leaders can’t manage to pass an actual budget, settling for temporary Continuing Resolutions, we are still closer to the next shutdown.

Media outlets will never run out of the simplest scare.

Church Priority: Christ-Centered

I recently had a conversation with someone on a Christian forum about racism within Christianity that went something like this:

Anonymous: “…It’s a distraction to me to be in a church filled with only one ethnic group. Because this IS a clear witness to the world that Christians are “segregating” themselves by ethnicity.”

Me: No they are segregating themselves by comfort and who they enjoy fellowshipping with.  It is normal and natural for ethnicity to be a part of that, and unless they are turning other races away at the door, then the distraction is your problem not theirs.  If everyone is there worshipping God except you sitting in the back comparing all the different colors, or lack thereof, and actually being bothered by it, it seems as though you are actually judging the Christianity of those church members simply based on the color of their skin rather than the content of the ministry.  That is absolutely wrong, and, dare I say, racist.

Anonymous: “Why do most of the Mainstream churches only operate with one preacher? Why shouldn’t there be a point of maintain[ing] several leading/preaching elders of different ethnic persuasions as to attract a more diverse assembly?”

Me: Because diversity is not the goal of Christianity, period.  Salvation is, and evangelizing to whomever we are called to evangelize to…doesn’t matter the ethnicity.  People can generally reach out to and are more accepted by others of the same ethnicity, because people look the same, talk the same, act the same.  Spiritual growth and maturity has much more eternal value than forced diversity just to keep up appearances.  And just because people go to different churches does not mean they are divided.  If the churches are true biblically Christian churches centered around Christ then they are of the same body.

Anonymous: “The simple fact is that when the “world” witnesses racially divided assemblies; that just isn’t a good witness. The Church should be a leading example to a fallen world of no racial division and or boundaries…according [to] God’s Truth… mainly the verse found in Galatians 3.”

Me: Are you referring to Galatians 3:28?

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Still Me: This is hardly stating that we must attempt to have an equal amount of each race attending every church.  It is simply stating that we are all one in Christ; one is no greater than the other.  Churches that violate this passage might be the Westboro Baptists (hateful), the KKK organization (racist), those that adhere to Black Liberation Theology (racist), but all churches that are not diverse ethnically do not belong in the same conversation simply based on ethnicity.  The body of Christ as a whole is diverse, and thank God for that.  Every church doesn’t need to be and most cannot be a perfect representation of it [diversity].  Segregation is not necessarily rejection, and it is entirely dishonest to suggest otherwise.”


This Isn’t Racist

Racism is not quite the epidemic that it is portrayed to be in today’s society.  The few organizations that hate simply because of skin color like the KKK, and the New Black Panther party don’t really have that many members and are not much of a threat in the grand scheme of things, that is, if the DOJ treated them equally. 

The vast majority of “racism”, so-called, at least in America is based on cultural stereotypes (usually spot-on) and differences among the mingling cultures.  When these cultural differences collide, there will be friction and frequently division.  That’s not racism. It is multi-culturalism running its course. 

People in general are more comfortable around those who look, talk and act like them.  It’s not racism, because it’s not hateful; it’s comfortable.  It’s not thinking one is better than the other, it is a matter of normalcy. 

As long as every conflict between races is immediately labeled racist despite any evidence to the contrary, the charade will continue.  Until the shades are lifted, and we can admit that we are not colorblind, it will get much worse. Fully functional eyes benefit society, but only if they’re open. 

Denial of the existing differences is eliminating the greatest articulable fact: skin color.  This doesn’t mean I hate you.

Absolute Morality

Morality is conformity to the rules of right conduct.  But which rules? Right conduct under one set of rules could be wrong conduct under another set.  There must be one moral code that tanscends all others, that being the one actual moral code.  There cannot be relative morality.  That is a big reason why people usually associate morality with God.  But which God?  Only one can have established the absolute moral code, because as we all know, there are many different concoctions of gods and divine laws that are contradicting. 

So which moral code do we live by, the Christian, muslim, hindu, or secular (hah!) etc.?  Only Christianity has withstood much factual scrutiny over centuries by scholars, philosophers, scientists, and liberals, of course, who ultimately cannot prove Christianity a fake. 

But which denomination is correct, Catholic, Protestant (Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.), not to mention the aberrant cults like Mormonism or the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  We need to search the scriptures for ourselves; be the Bereans of Acts, and we will find the true morality that we should live by. 

It is unnecessary to add to the scriptures the Book of Mormon, The Watchtower, the Apocrypha, or the claimed-but-unsubstantiated infallibility of a Pope.  Who is the mediator between us and God?  It’s not Mary or any other saint.  Who is the one man who has lived a perfect life, the Word of God made flesh?  He is Jesus Christ.  He should be the model of morality for our lives.

A Resolute New Year

New Year’s resolutions should be more aptly titled: New Year’s Day resolutions; since that’s really a more accurate descriptor of any resolution’s (of the new year) duration.  What’s so different about the new year that it causes people to state resolutions they really have no intention of keeping?  Is it the idea of a new beginning?  Here’s a shocker: There’s one thing of any relevance that has a yearly beginning, the fiscal year, and that starts at the end of the year… 

What’s so different about January 1st than December 31st?  Here’s another revelation found only on this blog: nothing.  Publicly stating your plans of a resolution for the new year is merely an outward expression of the nagging feeling present, probably for a fairly lengthy period of time, of an activity (or inactivity) that should have been applied to your daily routine immediately (at first thought)…yet, excuses, excuses…

One thing I can be sure of should I come upon yet another January 1st is that I’m another year older, that, at this point in my life (slightly beyond a man’s prime), the perpetual state of failure my body is in without constant care and various pills and powders is just going to get worse, that I’m closer to leaving pain and sinful flesh behind for eternity (I know that’s actually three things).

If you want to change a behavior, start an activity, or reprioritize, then do it now.  Why does your time frame need to be in line with the Roman Calendar that has an extra day every four years? 

Waiting for the new year to start fresh is nothing more than procrastination.  Life on this earth is too short for that.


Take prayer out of schools, to the Christian God, that is.  Take down Ten Commandment statues.  Leave God out of the Pledge of Allegience, the Declaration of Independence, and for the love of…well, something…please take “In God We Trust” off our money. 

In the midst of constant athiest lawsuits against creches and crosses in the public square, Christians called to fight these battles are showing valiant effort, seemingly to no avail.  The secular Satanic influence on our worldly governments is powerful and commanding especially during Christian holiday seasons…temporarily of course.

The Good News is the first syllable of Christmas: Christ, which of course is why it must be eradicated from all utterance, verbal, penned, or otherwise.  Replacing Christ’s name with an X eliminates the very purpose of celebrating the holiday; a purpose everlasting, not relegated to one day or one season of each year. 

People say all holidays have a pagan aspect to them.  Christmas does not.  Take Christ out of Christmas, and you no longer have Christmas.  Folks who spotlight family, focus on exchanging gifts, and take pride in the seasonal temporary spirit of giving celebrate X-mas.  People whose lives revolve around the birth of Christ, the Savior of our fallen humanity, followed by His sacrifice and resurrection are those who celebrate Christmas.   

What is family without Christ?  What is giving without the Holy Spirit moving you to share the only True Hope behind the provision of material necessities maintaining our flesh?  Meaningless is what it is.  And why is it that people feel it is sufficient to be generous for one season?  I suppose a more appropriate all-encompassing-question would be – why not?  When Christ is taken out of our words and actions, all we are left with is a “mas”, more accurately expressed: “mess”.

“…Don’t be afraid, for look, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people:  Today a Savior, who is Messiah the Lord, was born for you…”
                          – Luke 2:10-11 HCSB

“Jesus shouted again with a loud voice and gave up His spirit.”
                       – Matthew 27:50 HCSB

“God has resurrected this Jesus. We are all witnesses of this.”
                                 -Acts 2:32 HCSB

The last thing we should be crossing out is Christ.  Merry CHRISTmas.

Prideful Outcasts

Being an outcast can certainly be a noble venture.  But, more often than not, it is a selfish act by fools that constantly need to live outside the norm and take pride in being persecuted for unpopular beliefs and lifestyle, looking at whatever seems to be the current trend, and proudly declaring that you stand outside of the mainstream. 

A perfect example is all of the disrespectful, spiteful idiots posting about Iraqi war casualties and school attacks in China, or any other foreign atrocity while the rest of the heart broken American’s pay their respect to the families of the children and teachers slaughtered in Connecticut on December 14th.

Regardless of your stance on the necessity of the war in Iraq or war in general, war is tragic, people die, some should,  some should not, and it is your right to express your sadness for life lost.  It is dispicable that a man could walk up to a Chinese elementary school and stab 22 innocent children.  Heinous acts occur on a daily basis around the world that we should all be aware of and bow our heads for the ones suffering.

That being said, any comparison of 20 children 6-7 years old shot and killed as well as 6 adults, some in their 20s, sacrificing themselves to protect the children in their care, to 22 children being stabbed which resulted in non-life-threatening injuries, and to casualties of a third-world dictatorship disgusts me.

There is a special grief felt by patriotic Americans to such a tragedy as the Sandy Hook massacre.  It’s our own back yard.  It could have been our kids; it could have been our public servant next door.  Tragedies in our own society affect us more deeply, because they happen within our safehaven where we are supposed to be protected and unafraid.  When our children are senselessly gunned down, it should bring us all to our knees, as it unifies us as a culture.

To those of you who revel in being an outcast, who don’t have any firm foundation for your beliefs but thrive on taking a different stance on issues just for the sake of it, who search for and hold to the opinions with the most shock value, who intentionally make statements in an attempt to add guilt to the grief: I spit on you.